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        Darrol  Robinson started and built a very successful shop in Rochester, NH (later moving to Somersworth) in the early 80's. He had an opportunity in the late 80's to sell that shop which he did. After a few years of retirement, it was evident to Darrol that he missed the machining trade. So in 1993, DMR Industries, Inc. was formed. Darrol wanted to specialize in prototypes, but customers asked him to do the production runs after viewing the quality of their components. DMR started growing, and it will keep on growing. Darrol's goal was to build up a complete service shop to become 'YOUR ONE STOP JOB SHOP'. It's working and the team is moving ahead to become the leading ONE STOP JOB SHOP in returning back to ROCHESTER NH.

        We are looking for more and more business everyday. Give us a call / fax / or email and our friendly and courteous staff will immediately get started on any project you need done. If you want it done quickly, accurately, and done to all of your specifications you've come to the right place. We will work with you to get exactly what you need and when you need it. Unsure if we can do it for you? Check out our facilities.

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